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An introduction to the website: features, navigation, dedication, acknowledgements. ON THE WEB SINCE 1996!

Avengers Magic

Not yet intimate with The Avengers? Here's a brief history of the show to introduce you to the magic.

Just the FAQs

Answers to 70+ frequently asked questions about the show, this website, and the webmaster.


Ministry of Order

The whys and wherefores of the way seasons and episodes are organized in this website.

The David Keel Era

Behind the scenes show history, synopses and info for all 26 episodes, reviews and images for three.

The Cathy Gale Era
The Emma Peel Era
The Tara King Era

Behind the scenes show history, complete cast and production data, synopses, images, reviews, trivia, quotes, top ten lists and lots more for every episode.

The New Avengers

The New Avengers is a legitimate part of The Avengers history. Learn all about the series' stepchild.

The Movie

Why do so many people hate this film? Here's a brief analysis of what went wrong.

The Stage Play

The Avengers stage play starred an original series guest actor as John Steed. This link takes you to Alan Hayes' excellent site.

The Radio Show

The Avengers was on the radio, too? Yes—and it ran in South Africa. This link takes you to Alan Hayes' excellent site.

The Comic Strip

Very little is known about this rare piece of Avengers history. Mike Noon explains.

The Animations

With the coming of computer animation, The Avengers has enjoyed a (small) rebirth of sorts. Alan Hayes reveals all.

The Big Finish

What's all this then? It's an Avengers revival—on audio. Alan Hayes reveals all.


Who's Who???

Cast and character biographies, complete actor, writer and director indices, and lots more.

Avengers Timeline

This graphic timeline highlights the show's milestones from 1960 to the present.

The Music

What would the series be without the music? Max Pemberton takes a look at Laurie Johnson's legacy.

Avenging Vehicles

Who drove what when? See a fully illustrated directory of the leading vehicular cast.


Where did those extraordinary agents live? Explore their flats in detail, inside and out.

On Location

See present-day views of some of the locations where episodes were filmed.


A repository of trivia, legends, rumors, assorted facts and other hard-to-categorize information.


Here's some of the most common misinformation about The Avengers.

Rogues Gallery

Enjoy an illustrated gallery of diabolical masterminds and their associates!


Ministry of Links

I've compressed everything down to one page: the essential Avengers on the Interwebs.


Reviews of the most popular books on The Avengers. Includes "book bloopers."


Jonathan Woods provides views from the singular perspective of an illustrator.

The GLG Reports

Nearly 70 episode reviews by noted contributor
Grant L. Goggans.

Rodney's Reviews

The son of Roger Marshall offers his observations on many episodes, and on the series in general.

The Young Avenger

Over 100 episode reviews by the young (at the time of authoring) Joseph A.P. Lloyd.

International Scene

The Avengers was and is an international hit. Find out what's been happening around the world.


Visitor Reviews

Don't like what I have to say about an episode? Over 300 reviews have been submitted by site visitors.

Guest Essays

Comparisons of episodes and analyses of characters and the series by site visitors.

Fan Tales

Avengers aficionados often have their own stories to tell. Here you can share in their adventures.

Visitor Comments

Excerpts from favorite emails, plus letters of the year and a log of special visitors.


All In Good Time

An original Avengers screenplay by Yours Truly, with a little background on how it came to be.

Avengers eNovels

Exclusive Avengers stories of uncommon quality for visitors to savor.

Trivia Quiz

Test your expertise on Avengers nonsense with this silly quiz. Sorry, no prizes—just some fun!


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