Back in the days immediately following the release of the disastrous movie, I decided it might be more constructive to actually do something about my frustration, rather than just gripe about it. As it happens, one of my many hobbies is writing screenplays...

The genesis of All In Good Time was a desire to correct what I perceived as one of the existing movie's greatest flaws: setting The Avengers characters in the present. While most of the action takes place in the twenty-first century in my story as well, Steed and Emma are actually still residents of the 60s, having been involuntarily thrust some forty-odd years into their future by extraordinary means, and this temporal contrast is driven by a classic Diabolical Mastermind plot.

Although I write screenplays principally for enjoyment, I also harbor some vague hope that I might actually someday see one produced. And after some delightfully positive reactions from friends, I decided to try and get All In Good Time onto film. To my amazement I actually got a few nibbles; to date it has been read by about a half-dozen directors and actors (Patrick Macnee has a copy, although I rather doubt he's even opened it). Two of the directors who have read it expressed interest, and indeed one of them, a British director, was quite enthusiastic. I even found a source of capital!

But the single greatest obstacle to getting it produced, as it happens, is not selling it; the show-stopper is actually getting permission to shoot it, and the rights owner, Jerry Weintraub, will not discuss The Avengers with anyone. Without his blessing, nothing can happen.

At this point it looks highly unlikely that All In Good Time will ever be produced (although I remain forever hopeful). And so I am making it available for fans to enjoy.

Before downloading the file, please note the following:

  • This is a screenplay, not prose. It will not read like a story. If you have never read a screenplay before, it may be a little confusing and difficult to follow.
  • This copyrighted work is registered with the Library of Congress.
  • This is an RTF-format text file. Right-click the link below and choose Save Link As.

All In Good Time

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