To all of you expressing thanks for this website I say you are more than welcome. It has been my sincere pleasure providing a place for everyone to share their love of our favorite show. Below are a few of my favorite excerpts from some of the thousands of emails I've received over the last eleven years.

The finest TV tribute in all of cyberspace.

—Charles Bowen

Your website is beyond the term ‘outstanding’.

—Jay Stafford

They said ‘you can never go back.’ ‘They’ didn’t know about your website.

—Donna Colton

I’ve never been more impressed with anything I’ve ever seen on the Web — period.

—John Peters

If a website could be called perfect, it would be yours. Words fail me...

—Peter Troetsche

You have made an extraordinary creation in this sterling web site.

—Neal Klein

They should give you an Emmy award for this site.

—Tim Slegel

I stand (or sit) in awe of its thorough professionalism.

—Lee Johnson

I can only describe this collection as a masterwork...

—David Weides

...literally one of the top ten sites on the entire web.

—Marc Archambault

This is beyond argument the best website the web has yet produced...

—Robert Smyth

You have rendered a magnificent service to all Avengerphiles... Bravo!

—Dave Lewis

You will forever be my hero.

—Russ Marquiss

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