The Best Avengers on the Interwebs.

I once had seven pages of links, all organized and reviewed. It became too much of a burden to maintain, so I've dispensed with it and elected to present the most content-rich, highly-vetted sites I can recommend. (And if you'd like to go take a trip down memory e-lane, Alan Hayes has created a Webscape In Time.)

Speaking of Alan, our former partner in crime has sprouted wings and taken off for exciting new destinations that include such things as book publishing, radio series restoration, TV series production research, video cataloging, and other heady stuff. Start your adventure with Alan at The Avengers Declassified.

Meanwhile, the webmasters at TheAvengers.TV have a family of sites that will also keep you busy for a very long time indeed.

Then, from the land down under, Piers Johnson's Mrs Peel... We're Needed! was the first Avengers site on the net and continues to grow even today. His unique and painfully detailed episode guides provide more trivia than you can shake a brolly at.

Care to discuss The Avengers? The International Fan Forum is the only place to go.

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