Based on some of the email I receive, the vehicles are nearly as popular as the stars. Virtually all of the vehicles driven by the regular cast during the original series (excluding the tag scenes) as well as The New Avengers are organized here onto five pages that provide an image, the make and model, registration number, and the episode(s) in which each vehicle appears, where known. Note that the information is subject to change as the research continues.

Autotrivia: Steed drove six different Bentleys (plus a Vauxhall) during the original series, even though he and Emma spoke as if he had only one. Patrick Macnee says he never learned how to drive them; he left them in third gear all of the time, and often they would have to be pushed into the camera frame by the crew or driven by a double. The Bentleys were usually rented from private owners, and most are said to have been in rather poor condition.

With copious thanks to auto experts Bill Hewitt, Piers Johnson, Joseph Lloyd, John Shostrom, Andy Smith, Chris Smith and Nick Wright for their assistance in Avenger vehicle identification.

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