The focus is on Emma Peel and Tara King episodes for the benefit of those who have not seen Cathy Gale. We'll start with an easy one (click the question marks for the answers):

1. Name the Emma Peel episode(s) in which Steed addresses Mrs. Peel as "Emma."

2. A trivia "fact" is often cited stating that the only woman to die in the series was Dr. Keel's fiancée in "Hot Snow," the very first episode. This is wrong! Can you name the Emma Peel episodes in which women died? Extra points for naming the women and the means of their demise.

3. During the Emma Peel era, the producers declared that there would be no blood. But there were some exceptions. Name the Emma Peel episodes in which blood appears. Extra points for naming the characters who were bleeding.

4. Exactly what was the cat-oriented phrase Steed used to describe Emma in "The Hidden Tiger"? Bonus points: Exactly what was the cat-oriented phrase Cheshire used to describe Emma?

5. How many corpses appeared in "The Girl from Auntie"? Serious bonus points for naming them all.

6. Steed and Emma had their minds swapped with those of a pair of enemy agents. What were the enemy agents' names?

7. Patrick Macnee has often claimed that Steed never carried a hand gun. But, sorry to say, he is mistaken. Name the Emma Peel episodes when he broke his own rule and carried and/or used a hand gun.

8. Another directive for the Emma Peel era was "no policemen." But, like all the other rules, it was broken. When?

9. Steed has a special hangover cure. What is it called? Bonus points: What is the recipe?

10. Who are the four agents making up PSEV in "Two's a Crowd"? Bonus points: What were their roles?

11. The Avengers is famous for, among other things, those "subtitles" (also called "two-liners") that briefly describe the episodes in a coy way. For example, the subtitle for "The Town of No Return" is "Steed Finds a Town of Ghosts/Emma Gets Put Into Harness." But they don't appear on screen every time. In which episodes do the subtitles appear?

12. What was the name of the killer robot in "The Cybernauts"?

13. Name all of the Avengers regular cast actors who made appearances on Doctor Who. Serious bonus points for naming the episode titles and the roles.

14. Name all of the Avengers regular cast actors who made appearances in James Bond films. Bonus points for naming the films and the roles.

15. Emma Peel was the subject of two recent pop songs. Name the title of the song and the band for at least one of them. Bonus points: Identify both.

16. Two future Hollywood stars appeared side-by-side in one episode. Name the episode and the stars.

17. What are the names of all the hats for the "eye test" in "From Venus with Love"?

18. What is the make, model and caliber of the gold-plated revolver that Emma Peel uses in the opening sequence of the color episodes?

19. As Steed and Emma assume the famous silhouette pose at the end of the color titles, which way are they facing—toward us or away from us?

20. How many different roles does Stewart Kirby play in "Epic"?

21. How many different roles does Damita Syn play in "Epic"?

22. John Steed was the subject of a pop song in 2001. Name the song and the band.

23. Peter Wyngarde, who was a guest star in two episodes, was once married to an actress who also guested on The Avengers. Name the actress and the episode in which she appeared.

24. What was the order of the stuffed animals used as passports in "Escape in Time?"

25. Diana Rigg cameos in the TV series Extras. In one scene, what does she spend the entire time doing?

For lots more facts figures and fun, see Just the FAQs, AvengerLore and AvengerMyths.

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