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In "Man-Eater of Surrey Green," Laura Berford was a member of Sir Lyle Peterson's team, and when Steed and Emma arrive after the plant germinates, Sir Lyle explains that he is the only survivor. Hence, Laura Berford must have been eaten by the plant.

Dusty Rhodes' widow is killed (her lifeless legs can be seen on the kitchen floor) in "The 50,000 Breakfast." Since this is a remake of "Death of a Great Dane," the same thing happened in that episode, too, but it doesn't count since it's not an Emma Peel episode. Still, lots of women perished in Cathy Gale episodes: "The Decapod," "The Nutshell" and "Concerto" are a few examples, and two died in "Box of Tricks." So, whoever wrote that little pearl for The Ministry was out to lunch!

Unofficial entry: It is unclear whether or not the bombing of the embassy in "Two's a Crowd" resulted in the death of Alicia Elena, the female component of PSEV. I leave it up to the viewer. (Thanks to David Black)

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