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Steed and Emma enjoy a hayride. "Boing!"

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 Man Eater of Ferry Green

 La mangeuse d'hommes du Surrey

 Mörderischer Löwenzahn

 El Canibal De Surrey Green

 De mensetende plant

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Steed Kills a Climber
Emma Becomes a Vegetable

Produced: ca. 31 May to ca. 11 June 1965
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 10 December 1965
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): 25 August 1966

A telepathic man-eating plant from outer space has kidnapped England's top horticulturalists in a plan to germinate and (wait for it...) conquer the world. As if that isn't enough, according to Emma it may have come from the moon. "Recent photos show whole areas of vegetation." Indeed!


This one goes way, way over the top—and who cares? While it (understandably) plays like a B-grade sci-fi film, it's a lot of fun! The final battle with the plant is surprisingly effective, owing mostly to an intriguing set populated by nude mannequins. Athene Seyler as Dr. Sheldon is a hoot! And check out Steed riding on the trunk of Emma's Lotus.


You may encounter some TV show trivia that claims the only woman to die in the series was Dr. Keel's fiancée in "Hot Snow," the very first episode. Nope! Laura Berford was a member of Sir Lyle Peterson's team, and when Steed and Emma arrive, Sir Lyle explains that he is the only survivor—hence, Laura Berford must have been eaten by the plant.

About ten years after this was made, Robert Banks Stewart (who penned "The Master Minds" and 
"Quick-Quick Slow Death") wrote a story for Doctor Who called "The Seeds of Doom" which involved a plant from outer space arriving on Earth. Much of the dialogue between the Doctor and his companion at the time, Sarah Jane, is on par with that of Steed and Emma. Plus, the story featured a couple of Avengers-style eccentrics including the main villain, a millionaire named Harrison Chase who thought plants were better than man, and thought he was a plant! Also, a woman who painted flowers for a living was played by Sylvia Coleridge ("The Girl from Auntie"). Stewart may have simply used his old ideas to help out the producer of Doctor Who at the time (Barry Letts was gone by then), as this story was a last-minute replacement for one that failed at the script stage. (Contributed by Mark H. Stevens)

 On Location

Peterson's house is actually the BR Centre, The Grove, Watford. Surrey Green is actually Letchmore Heath. On Location features the pub.

 Best Scene

This is a strange one, and I'm not sure if it was planned or if it was a quasi-outtake left in for fun. While Emma waits in Steed's flat for his return, the camera does a toe-to-head pan of her (shown at left), and then she suddenly breaks out in a yawn. Don Bell suggests: "I believe this is meant as a tease. We've seen people suddenly thrown into trances in earlier scenes. Cut to Emma, looking as if she's also succumbed. The suspense builds—she yawns!"

 Best Line

After Steed kills the plant, he informs Emma, "I'm a herbicidal maniac, didn't you know?"

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Teleplay by
Directed by

Philip Levene
Sydney Hayers

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John Steed
Emma Peel
Sir Lyle Peterson
Doctor Sheldon
Laura Burford
Alan Carter
Wing Commander Davies
Bob Pearson
Joe Mercer

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Derek Farr #
Athene Seyler #
Gillian Lewis
William Job #
David Hutchenson
Joe Ritchie
Donald Olliver
Toby Blanshard


Professor Taylor
Professor Knight
Dr. Connelly

Edwin Finn
Harry Shacklock #
Ross Hutchinson #
John G. Heller #


Derek Farr

The Eagle's Nest

John G. Heller

The Correct Way to Kill

Ross Hutchinson

They Keep Killing Steed

William Job

False Witness

Athene Seyler

Build a Better Mousetrap

Harry Shacklock

A Change of Bait
The Mauritius Penny

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