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The Table of Contents is the encyclopędia's "main menu." From there, the chapter titles move you into chapters, where you can either move around within a chapter, or move further down into sub-chapters. < and > step you through pages in a chapter. ^ always takes you up a level, eventually back to the Table of Contents.

Sub-chapters are linked navigationally—think of them as "nested" chapters. For example, if you enter the episode index, < and > step you through all of the indices. After moving down into an episode review page, < and > step you through all of the review pages. Likewise, all of the "Behind the Scenes" pages are linked together, so you can follow the chronology without having to jump up and back.

The encyclopędia also has tens of thousands of intra-site links, which may cause some confusion since you'll be moved from one chapter to another very different chapter that could be anywhere in the encyclopędia. You can easily tell if you've jumped to a new chapter because the chapter heading and page count above the navigation buttons will change. To return to the chapter you started in, use your browser's "back" button.

When in doubt, the logo at the top of the page always takes you back to the Welcome page from anywhere in the site. Plus, a link at the bottom of every page will take you back to the top of the page, as well as directly to the Table of Contents.

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