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What you won't find

Advertising. This is a free, non-commercial site. I place no advertising banners anywhere.

Useless do-dads and gizmos. This website is very retro, with respect to both design and coding, and that's by deliberate choice. No flash, frames, popups or other tricks. There's no need for them; the king of this website is content.

Stuff stolen from other sites. Perhaps I should be flattered that more and more I find my own materials cropping up on other sites—sometimes even commercial and "official" sites—but in truth it makes me quite furious. It is unethical and inexcusable. At TAF you will find things from only three sources: myself (I create all of my own graphics and text), contributions (the source is always credited) or commercial items such as the video product images, which are courtesy of Amazon with their blessing.

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