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 El Elefante Blanco"

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Steed tracks a white elephant
Cathy hunts big game

Production completed: 22 November 1963
UK Premiere (London, Season 3): 4 January 1964
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 22 March 1991

When an albino elephant disappears, attention is drawn to Noah's Ark, an "animal distribution center" for zoos worldwide. Posing as a hunter (not a stretch, as she really was one while living in Africa), Cathy keeps tabs on the comings and goings of animals, while Steed buys a new hand gun and orders kinky handcuffs from businesses involved in an ivory smuggling scheme.


A shame that it's somewhat uneven and unexciting, as there is potential here: a good assortment of characters, some decent guest actors, and a lavish production—they hired dozens of animals for the show, including a variety of birds, a few monkeys and a leopard. No elephant, however.


The producers would not be able to make the claim, "No animals were harmed in this production..." as supposedly one of them died during filming.

Indeed, Alan and Alys Hayes found this great tidbit attached to the back of a still photo: "ZOO TIME WITH THE AVENGERS. In 'The White Elephant' on 4th January, THE AVENGERS fight it out with the enemy in a private zoo. PATRICK MACNEE and HONOR BLACKMAN crouch for cover beside the cage of a leopard which gave everyone in the Studio some anxiety: it could easily have slipped out between the bars if the gun-fire had excited it too much."

See the dot on Steed's forehead in the second image? That's not a spot of dirt on the film frame... it's a fly that was crawling around on the monitor during the transfer to film! It hung around for a couple of minutes, threatening Steed, Cathy, and a gun salesman.

Some scenes were pre-recorded on 21 November 1963 in advance of the main recording.

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John Lucarotti
Philip Harrison
Laurence Bourne

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Noah Marshall
Brenda Paterson
Madge Jordan

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Godfrey Quigley #
Edwin Richfield #
Scott Forbes
Bruno Barnabe #
Judy Parfitt #
Rowena Gregory #
Toke Townley #
Martin Friend #


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