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 Vestida Para Matar"

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Steed is quick on the draw
Cathy becomes a highwaywoman

Production completed: 6 December 1963
UK Premiere (London, Season 3): 28 December 1963
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 21 March 1991

When all but one of the country's defensive radar stations report a false missile attack, Steed makes a bid to buy some property near the radar station that was the exception. Soon he finds himself invited, along with six other prospective land owners, to a New Years Eve costume party aboard a train. In the midst of the party, the train is left stranded at an abandoned station in the middle of nowhere. Then people start turning up dead.


Start with a large piece of "The Superlative Seven," mix in some of "The Gravediggers," add a pinch of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station" and a dash of "Noon Doomsday," and you've got "Dressed To Kill." Brian Clemens obviously borrowed heavily from himself later in the series' life. The source material is as much fun to analyze as it is delightful to watch.


Carlos Pags notes that Argentina (his home country) gets a mention in this episode. Cathy asks Steed about how he knew the invitation to the fancy dress party was fake, and Steed answers: "I knew that my friend Tony Linklater was in Argentina at the moment he decided to invite me."

Some scenes were pre-recorded on 5 December 1963 in advance of the main recording.

 Best Line

Steed is describing to Cathy the false missile report. "It was a close call, though. Another few seconds and you and I would've been mutating by now."

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Written by
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Brian Clemens
David Marshall
Bill Bain

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Robin Hood
Pussy Cat
1st Officer

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Leonard Rossiter
Alexander Davion
Richard Leech #
John Junkin #
Anneke Wills #
Anthea Wyndham
Leon Eagles
Frank Maher #
Peter Fontaine


John Junkin

Never, Never Say Die

Richard Leech

Traitor in Zebra
Mission... Highly Improbable

Frank Maher

November Five
The Little Wonders
You Have Just Been Murdered

Anneke Wills

The 50,000 Breakfast

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