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The Best of Cathy Gale

Lack of technical sophistication notwithstanding, the Cathy Gale episodes have their own quality and charm. After all, good writing, direction and performance can be appreciated regardless of the specific process by which it is presented.

The Nutshell: This one is simply unbelievable—it's a mini-James Bond film! Right up there with the best of the other seasons.

The Mauritius Penny: Neo-Nazis about to take over the country. Devious dentists making contacts through teeth. Bodies being carted all over the city in crates. This one has it all!

Mandrake: Take two aspirin and you'll be dead by morning. Classic Avengers quirkiness.

Dressed to Kill: Fancy having a New Years Eve costume party aboard a train? This one is reserved for you.

The Wringer: Effectively harrowing. Perhaps the one and only time that Steed almost cracks, and Cathy's feelings for him are surprising and touching.

Bullseye: To use an obvious pun, it hits the mark, courtesy of a few terrific plot twists and a fine performance from a fellow you may recognize from an Emma Peel episode.

The Gilded Cage: Goldfinger on a very small scale. (I wonder if Honor Blackman had any idea at the time...)

Mr Teddy Bear: The premiere Cathy Gale episode is most memorable for the titular character—perhaps the prototype diabolical mastermind.

The White Dwarf: A very plausible end-of-the-word scenario makes for a more serious, gripping episode than most.

Build a Better Mousetrap: Cute and clever—hallmarks of the best Avengers episodes.

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