Episode 106: Emma Peel Era
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  We're Needed

Whilst dressing for a fancy ball, Emma finds the invite bears the inscription "Mrs. Peel—We're Needed!"


Steed has a spot of trouble getting an antique car started.

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 Fahrkarin in die Vergangenheit

 Fuga nel tempo

 Escape En El Tiempo

 De tijdmachine or Vlucht in het verleden (depending on the source)

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Steed Visits the Barber
Emma Has a Close Shave!

Produced: September 1966
UK Premiere (London, Season 5): 27 January 1967
US Premiere (New York, Season 2): 10 February 1967

How are some of the most notorious evildoers of modern times disappearing without a trace—and without leaving British soil? Turns out they found an escape route—through time! And the time machine is a highly profitable contraption created by a stuttering, introverted deviant in order to carry out some dastardly, extroverted deeds. But once the time-traveler makes his escape, what then?


While there are some fine period sets and costumes in this episode, it generally lacks spark. The convoluted sequences in and around the barber shop are a bit too contrived and cute, and Emma's motorcycle chase is a prolonged and pointless exercise that feels too much like "padding" to me. Four bowlers, though, for Peter Bowles' remarkable multifaceted performance.


Steed's umbrella contains knock-out gas—a rather "Bondian" touch. And did anyone ever notice that Emma could have easily slipped her feet out of the stocks?

Curious: Rocky Taylor played Mitchell, the man doubling for Steed, since Rocky was frequently Macnee's stunt double!

Steed's Aunties: Emma is going through some photographs at Steed's flat. He spots one photo and says, "Now, there's a face full of avarice. Reminds me of an auntie of mine."


 On Location

The turkey farm is actually the old farm on Deeves Hall Lane.

 Best Scene

While Steed and Emma scope out Mackidockie Street, they frequently wind up locked in an amorous embrace to evade detection.

 Best Line

Examining Emma's homemade giraffe, Steed remarks, "Known you all this time and never knew that you could sew." Emma: "Well, our relationship hasn't been exactly domestic, has it?" Hmmm!

 Essential Reading


Teleplay by
Directed by

Philip Levene
John Kirsh

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Tubby Vincent

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Peter Bowles #
Geoffrey Bayldon # 007
Judy Parfitt #
Imogen Hassall
Edward Caddick
Nicholas Smith #
Roger Booth #
Richard Montez
Clifford Earl #
Rocky Taylor #



Terry Plummer #


Geoffrey Bayldon

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Roger Booth

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Peter Bowles

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Dial a Deadly Number

Clifford Earl

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Judy Parfitt

The White Elephant
Whoever Shot Poor George...

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Rocky Taylor

The Last of the Cybernauts...??

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