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Answer to Question 13

Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale) plays Professor Lasky in "The Trial of a Timelord," episodes 9-12.

Gareth Hunt (Mike Gambit, The New Avengers) plays Arak in the episode "Planet of the Spiders" (11.5).

Patrick Newell (Mother) plays Faraday in "The Android Invasion" (bonus points to David Chandler).

Jon Rollason (Dr. Martin King) appears in "The Web of Fear" as an annoying reporter named Harold Chorley (bonus points to Mark H. Stevens).

Paul Whitsun-Jones (Charles) appears as the Marshal in "The Mutants" (1972) (more bonus points for Mark H. Stevens) and also appears in "The Smugglers" (1966) as the Squire (bonus points to Christopher Krisocki).

Unofficial Entry: Joanna Lumley (Purdey) plays The Doctor in the 1999 spoof, "Curse of the Fatal Death" (thanks again to David Chandler).

Bonus Who trivia: Several Dalek toys appear in "Death at Bargain Prices" (thanks to Dennis Oliver and wife).

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