Episode 41: Cathy Gale Era
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Steed investigates a crime syndicate
Cathy is a member of it*

Production completed: 29 December 1962
UK Premiere (London, Season 2): 7 January 1963
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 14 February 1991

Two small-time robbers are shot in the midst of a heist. Thing is, their killer left the bag of jewels behind. When one of the robbers recovers, he is "holed up" in Steed's apartment, where he is pumped for information about an international crime syndicate. Posing as Hilda Stern, a member of the German branch of Intercrime, Cathy infiltrates their head office. Only trouble is, the real Hilda also shows up...


While it sometimes gets lost in its own convolutions, this installment is brightened by some fine performances, particularly Honor Blackman as Cathy as Hilda, and Kenneth J. Warren (a.k.a. Z.Z. von Schnerk) as the mysterious "F."


Forgetting to close the door behind her, Julia Arnall (playing Hilda Stern) gives us a glimpse of a huge TV camera being wheeled through the set (third image).

Some scenes were pre-recorded on 28 December 1962 in advance of the main recording (obviously not the one mentioned above).

The camera script notes that this episode would air on Saturday 6 January 1963 on ABC and other regions, but in London on ATV (along with TWW, WTV and CHA) it would debut on Sunday 7 January. Television historian and author Andrew Pixley believes that this change in scheduling took place with this episode, and for the rest of the season the show's premiere was on ABC on the Saturday, with ATV London taking it the following night.

*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

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Teleplay by
Story Editor
Designed by
Directed by

Terrance Dicks & Malcolm Hulke
Richard Bates
Richard Harrison
John Bryce
Johnathan Alwyn

Full production credits


John Steed
Cathy Gale
Hilda Stern
Pamela Johnson
Prison Officer Sharpe

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Kenneth J. Warren #
Julia Arnall
Angela Browne #
Patrick Holt #
Alan Browning
Jerome Willis #
Paul Hansard
Donald Webster #
Rory MacDermot
Bettine Milne
Charlott Selwyn
Jean Gregory


Angela Browne

How To Succeed... At Murder

Alan Browning

Who Was That Man...

Patrick Holt

The Undertakers

Kenneth J. Warren

Girl on the Trapeze
The Little Wonders

Donald Webster

Build a Better Mousetrap

Jerome Willis

How To Succeed....At Murder
The Rotters

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