Episode 61: Cathy Gale Era
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Steed meets an undertaker
Cathy joins the millionaires

Production completed: 2 August 1963
UK Premiere (London, Season 3): 5 October 1963
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 6 March 1991

Undertakers arrive with a coffin to take away a businessman—before he is dead! When Steed goes looking for the man he was to escort to New York City, he finds him locked away, inaccessible, in an exclusive retirement home. When the man's neighbor winds up in the same place under strange circumstances, Cathy shows up at the home as an employee to find impostors taking their places.


Quite, quite confusing, and rather soapy around the edges, too. It's all to do with the 80% inheritance tax, and some devious means to get around it. For only 20%, The Undertakers will assure your dearly deceased millionaire husband will "live on" for another five years, after which the tax can be avoided. Lally Bowers single-handedly wins this episode its second bowler as a bright-eyed nutcase—a prototype eccentric, perhaps, for the Emma Peel era.


This episode was unusual in that it featured (mourning) black lettering instead of the usual white for the titles. Contributed by Simon Ball.

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Written by
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Directed by

Malcolm Hulke
David Marshall
Bill Bain

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Mrs. Renter
Mrs. Lomax
Mrs. Baker

Patrick Macnee 007
Honor Blackman 007
Lee Paterson
Jan Holden #
Lally Bowers
Patrick Holt #
Mandy Miller
Howard Goorney #
Marcella Markham
Ronald Russel
Helena McCarthy
Denis Forsyth


Howard Goorney

Girl on the Trapeze

Jan Holden

Dial a Deadly Number

Patrick Holt


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