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Answer to Question 7

Steed carries a hand gun but does not use it in "Death at Bargain Prices"—it is removed from his jacket during a search.

Steed carries and uses a hand gun in "Dial a Deadly Number"—he fires off a few rounds at a man on a motorbike who was trying to run him down.

Steed carries a hand gun (hidden in his boot) but uses Martin Trasker's to shoot Father Christmas in "Too Many Christmas Trees." Bonus points to Emma Plumtree for spotting this one.

Steed carries a hand gun in the pocket of his trousers (!) in "The Girl from Auntie," and hands it to Georgie after knocking down Ivanoff. Bonus points to Mike Kunkel for spotting this one.

Steed demonstrates quite clearly in "Something Nasty in the Nursery" that he owns a hand gun, and keeps in his desk. When he hears a noise, he quickly pulls it out of the drawer.

Steed uses a pistol that falls out of the possession of one of the henchwomen during Emma's big brawl to kill Henry in "How To Succeed....At Murder." Bonus points to D.P. Paré.

Steed carries a hand gun in "Two's a Crowd," but this one doesn't count since he is playing Webster, his own sinister double.

In "The Murder Market," Steed has a hand gun in his flat, which he brandishes at Mrs. Peel—but since this was a "loaner" from Lovejoy, it doesn't count.

Note that one must make a distinction between a hand gun and weapon such as a shotgun or rifle, which is not counted here. Steed uses a shotgun on a number of occasions, including "Quick-Quick Slow Death" and "The Hidden Tiger."

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