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Answer to Question 3

In "A Sense of History," Duboys and another young man draw blood in their little ritual with the sword. (Millerson participates, but we see no blood.)

In "Death at Bargain Prices," Wentworth has blood on his hand after he was shot in the shoulder by Emma.

In "Honey for the Prince" Emma finds Ronny Westcott's bloody handprint on the wall of Steed's flat.

In "Dead Man's Treasure," mortally wounded agent Bobby Danvers has blood on his hand from a stomach wound, which he leaves all over the rally invitation as well as the column in Steed's flat.

In "Murdersville," Emma finds Forbes dead with a small trickle of blood on his forehead. 5000 points awarded to Emma Plumtree for spotting this one!

In "You Have Just Been Murdered," Steed discovers Gilbert Jarvis has a small blood stain on his shirt where he'd been shot. 5000 points awarded to Linus Törnqvist for spotting this one!

Linus adds that Stewart Kirby made use of stage blood in "Epic." As it was not "real" blood, this is an unofficial entry.

There is also a bit of fake blood in "Death's Door" during Lord Melford's "engineered" nightmare, when Stapley supposedly cut himself shaving. Thanks to Jennie Sykes for spotting this one!

Tough call: In the teaser of "Quick-Quick Slow Death," the body that falls out of the pram has bullet holes in the crisp white shirt. But are the holes singed around the edges, or stained with blood? (Contributed by Amy Jones)

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