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Sue Lloyd

Joyce Jason, A Surfeit of H2O

by David K. Smith and Jeff Rosenthal

Born 7 August 1939 in Aldesburgh, Suffolk, Sue Lloyd had embarked on a dancing career, attending the Sadler's Wells School at the age of 11. Later, sensing her height (five feet eight inches) to be a liability, she elected not to join the dance company and instead joined the chorus line of Lionel Blair's dancers in the Five Past Eight show in Glasgow, then became one of the showgirls in These Foolish Kings.

After a successful stint as a model and several months of acting lessons, she began a reasonably busy acting career, establishing an apparent penchant for the spy genre. For television, appearances included The Saint (1962), The Sentimental Agent (1963), The Avengers (1965), Department S (1969) and Jason King (1971) with Peter Wyngarde, The Persuaders! (1971), The Sweeney (1976) and Randal and Hopkirk (Deceased). She also spent a year on the ITC classic series The Baron (1966) as Cordelia Winfield.

1971 marked another brush with The Avengers—this time playing Hannah Wild, John Steed's partner for the ill-fated stage play. Her character name raises all manner of speculation regarding "The Superlative Seven" and the part of Hana Wilde, played by Charlotte Rampling.

Her motion picture career was in keeping with her television work, genre-wise. Her first film role on record was as Jean in 1965's The Ipcress File. Following Number One of the Secret Service (1977) came Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978, with Joanna Lumley) and a couple of Joan Collins vehicles, The Stud (1978) and The Bitch (1979, with Ian Hendry). However, at this point her career began to fade.

In 1991 Sue married actor Ronald Allen, but he died shortly afterward of cancer. 1996 saw a full-circle return to acting in the espionage genre as she made a cameo appearance in the TV movie Bullet to Beijing. She then published an autobiography in 1998 entitled It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. By the way, she also shared the screen on The Saint ("Luella," 1964) with pseudo-doppelganger Suzanne Lloyd.

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