Episode 111: Emma Peel Era
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  We're Needed

Stopped at a traffic signal, Emma notices one of the lights bears the legend "Mrs. Peel." Behind her is Steed, and as the light changes, the next one says, "We're Needed!"


Emma is an auto mechanic who finds ghosts in Steed's Bentley.

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 Le mort vivant

 Der Geist des Duke von Benedikt

 Il morto vivente

 Los Muertos Vivos

 De levende doden

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Steed Finds a Mine of Information
Emma Goes Underground

Produced: December 1966/January 1967
UK Premiere (London, Season 5): 24 February 1967
US Premiere (New York, Season 2): 3 March 1967

FOG competes with SMOG in an effort to explain the sightings of the ghost of a 300-year-old Duke. When Steed and Emma encounter Kermit the Hermit, a derelict who hears noises from underground at a long-closed mine, the body count suddenly jumps.


Yet another variation on the cold war era "underground organization preparing to infiltrate the country" theme, which by now is wearing thin. Combine this with a script that's awfully flimsy in spots and you get a mediocre episode. Still, it's always fun when Emma gets to rescue Steed—taking out a whole firing squad with a machine gun in the process—for which she earns a peck on the cheek and a mention in his will (I should have thought she'd earned a lot more than that!). As Mandy from FOG would say, "Ffffff-mmmm!"


The exterior shots of the mine entrance—the tall crane with the huge wheel—may have also been used as an exterior shot nine years later on Doctor Who in the second Key to Time story, "The Pirate Planet." It served as the entrance to the secret mines of the planet Zanak, a hollow world that surrounded other planets, crushed them, and mined the minerals out of them. (Gregory A. McVey-Russell)

Brian Clemens' screenplay is based on a story by Anthony Marriott.

Acronym Alert: FOG is Friends of Ghosts and SMOG is Scientific Measurement of Ghosts.

 Best Scene

Steed faces his execution with such excruciating ease and politeness that the commander of the firing squad is reluctant to carry out the order. "It's important to do these things well," Steed explains.

 Best Line

Mandy is busily trying to talk Steed into letting her accompany him into the mines, but he sternly refuses: "If you think you can make me change my... that you can twist me around your... that by rolling those... beautiful blue eyes—" Mandy: "They're gray, actually." Steed: "So, they are, they're soft gray—I love the way they—NO, NO, NO!"

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Teleplay by
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Brian Clemens
John Krish

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John Steed
Emma Peel

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Julian Glover # 007
Pamela Ann Davy #
Howard Marion Crawford #
Jack Woolgar
Jack Watson #
Edward Underdown # 007
John Cater
Vernon Dobtcheff # 007
Alister Williamson #


John Cater

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Howard Marion Crawford

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Stay Tuned

Pamela Ann Davy

Mission to Montreal

Vernon Dobtcheff

Room Without a View

Julian Glover

Two's a Crowd

Edward Underdown

The Murder Market

Jack Watson

Silent Dust

Alister Williamson

Brought to Book
Hot Snow

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