Quote, Unquote: The New Avengers Season 2
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Brian Clemens, on The Avengers women: "I think we were always ahead of our time with the liberated ladies, such as Cathy Gale and Emma Peel, and the next extension to Women's Lib, I thought, was the woman like Purdey, so sure of herself that she can put her bra back on again."

Gareth Hunt, Actor, on the price of fame: "I don't want to be a sex symbol, it's not my scene. I don't enjoy the publicity bit or being recognised. On TV, you're to a certain extent the product of the public. In any case, the fact that I'm acting in a successful series doesn't mean to say that 'I've arrived'. It's just a stepping stone to something else. I'd like to be a director and I'd like to write. I may do all this later."

Brian Clemens, Co-Producer, on the new direction for Purdey: "Purdey very obviously has an affair. You don't see nudity or anything like that. After all, we have a reputation for being respectable. But it's clear that Purdey is carrying on with somebody."

Joanna Lumley, Actress, on Purdey's new look: "Let's say (I'm) even more individual in style and fashion. Nothing shocking or offensive. But I'm sure people will notice me."

Patrick Macnee, Actor, on becoming a part of the furniture!: "I figure that it's just nice to be recognised. Not perhaps, as a movie star, but more as an old piano that sits in the corner of a room, and they've grown accustomed to it being there. Our Avengers series have all generated that kind of warmth. They have been that kind of show."

Brian Clemens, Co-Producer, on the series' financing: "It is ironic that this supremely British series has not been backed with British money. It's like British Leyland having to make cars in Taiwan. We have made three episodes in France, and are now making another four in Canada, largely because it is the French and Canadians who are putting up the money."

Quotes sourced from Look-In and TVTimes magazines
and The Sun and Daily Mirror newspapers, 1977
Compiled by Alan Hayes

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