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Death on the Rocks
by Frankymole, Bristol

Oh, look, more diamond smuggling shenanigans (this was recorded next after "Death of a Great Dane," and so follows it in the French DVD releases; on broadcast, "The Sell-Out" intervened them).

The Avenged?: Legitimate dealers forced to go crooked by threats to their families. Steed needs a similar Achilles heel for his cover to work, so tells Cathy, "I need a wife for two weeks." "So long?" she retorts. Heh heh.

Diabolical Masterminds?: Over-ambitious, more like. Fenton, their "godfather" figure, even talks of bringing the Government itself to heel.

The Avengers?: A bad period for Steed/Cathy relations. Even before she finds out that she is a hostage to fortune, Cathy is disgruntled with Steed and doesn't enjoy the prospect of being his missus. We can blame the intrusive decorator for her irritation, can't we? There's an amusing tag scene: "You took quite a chance." Cathy: "You sound as if you cared." Steed: "My dear, 'for better or worse'," and cheesy grins all round.

Umbrella, Charm and a Bowler Hat?: A fair amount of soap-opera from Nicky and Jackie. Steed tries valiantly to get a kiss out of Mrs Gale. Hasn't he learnt his lesson yet? Cathy wears a remarkably modern piebald tee-shirt type top when moving in (Steed remarks that she had a "pantechnicon" or 30-ton truck to transport all her stuffed animals!).

Bizarre?: Steed was very lucky that only one van left the wharf that night, otherwise he would never have found the kidnapped Jackie. Though he really only had one set to choose from. It seems as if someone forgets to stop the Steed-Fenton fight music which goes on and on, overlapping into the scene where Cathy is reading before having her final encounter with the villains. Mrs Gale gets to use her gun, at last! The final shot of the trophy lion head revolving on the wall shows Steed's home improvement skills leave a lot to be desired.

Unimpressive. One bowler.

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