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Ray Austin. Stunt Arranger for the Rigg monochrome and Rigg color seasons, a director of several Rigg color season and The New Avengers episodes, as well as the Fight Arranger and Coordinating Producer for The New Avengers.

John Bates. Fashion designer responsible for Diana Rigg's wardrobe for the Rigg monochrome season.

Richard Bates. Succeeded John Bryce as Story Editor beginning halfway through the second season and continuing through the third.

Honor Blackman. Steed's first female partner, Cathy Gale, was planned to alternate with another, Venus Smith, played by Julie Stevens. Nyree Dawn Porter would have been signed for the part had she been available at the time. Honor Blackman left the show after two seasons to play Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. See her bio for more info.

Howard Blake. Music composer for some of the Tara King episodes, working under the supervision of Laurie Johnson. See his bio for more info.

Don Boyle. Head of American Broadcasting Corporation in the late 60s. Said to have approved the choice of Linda Thorson to play Tara King.

Patrick Brawn. Story Editor, with John Bryce, for the first season.

John Bryce. Story Editor from the beginning of the series (sharing the post with Patrick Brawn for the first season), he became Producer halfway through the second season, replacing Leonard White, and continued as Producer through the third season. Later, he had the misfortune of being chosen to replace Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens as producer for the Thorson series. When the production company began to falter, he was let go, and Fennell and Clemens were brought back.

Cyd Child. Fight Coordinator as well as stunt double for Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson. Also Fight Arranger for The New Avengers.

Brian Clemens. Author of stories since the series premiered, Clemens went on to become one of the most significant people ever involved with The Avengers. When Julian Wintle teamed him up with Albert Fennell, the result was the wildly popular Emma Peel series. Co-Producer/Story Editor for the Rigg monochrome season and Co-Producer of the Rigg color and Thorson seasons, Clemens penned many of the series' most memorable episodes, and also prepared the show for international success by creating several series trademark features. Together with Fennell and composer Laurie Johnson, Clemens formed The Avengers (Film & TV) Enterprises, Ltd., the company that produced The New Avengers, with the backing of Rudolph Roffi. See his bio for more info.

Johnny Dankworth. A popular jazz composer who arranged the theme and incidental music scores for the first three seasons of The Avengers. See his bio for more info.

Marie Donaldson. Longtime press officer for ABC, credited for having named Emma Peel.

Joe Dunne. Fight Coordinator for the Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson seasons. Also worked on The New Avengers and appeared in one episode.

Albert Fennell. Extraordinarily talented film technician credited for the high production standard of The Avengers, beginning with the Diana Rigg monochrome season, when Julian Wintle teamed him up with Brian Clemens. The late Albert Fennell was In Charge of Production for the Rigg monochrome season and Co-Producer of the Rigg color and Linda Thorson seasons. Also part of the company that produced The New Avengers.

Harvey Gould. Fashion designer who worked with Alun Hughes on Linda Thorson's wardrobe.

Peter Hammond. A regular director for the show (directing nine episodes for the first season, five each for the second and third seasons) with a very distinctive and individual style, he is credited as helping shape the show in its early years.

Ingrid Hafner. The female regular in the first series starring Ian Hendry and Patrick Macnee. Ingrid played David Keel's receptionist at his surgery. When Hendry left the series, Ingrid's role was no longer viable. See her bio for more info.

Ian Hendry. Owing to his popularity as the star of Police Surgeon, the late Ian Hendry played Dr. David Keel in The Avengers, taking top billing over Patrick Macnee. Hendry left at the end of the first season to pursue a film career, which left Macnee, who had become the more popular character, to carry on the series. Returned to guest star in The New Avengers episode, "To Catch a Rat." See his bio for more info.

Alun Hughes. Fashion designer responsible for Diana Rigg's wardrobe for the Rigg color season. Teamed with Harvey Gould for Linda Thorson's wardrobe. Also designed some of Patrick Macnee's shoes.

Laurie Johnson. Renowned music composer for film and television. Brought on for the Diana Rigg monochrome season to create one of the most memorable tunes of 60s TV. Composed the music for the Rigg seasons, and served alternately as Composer and Music Supervisor for the Thorson season, when Howard Blake penned some of the scores. Also became part of the company that produced The New Avengers and composed the music for that series. See his bio for more info.

Philip Levene. Regular writer for the series beginning with the Diana Rigg monochrome season, and named Story Consultant for the Thorson season. He also appeared in one episode, "Who's Who???"

Patrick Macnee. Needs no introduction. Might never have become Steed, however, as he was not interested in acting any more when asked to play the part. Rather than say no, he requested an "outrageous" salary—and to his surprise, the producers agreed. The rest, as they say, is history. See his bio for more info.

Terry Nation. A prolific writer of science fiction, comedy and adventure, Nation contributed several scripts to the series and became Script Supervisor for the latter part of the Thorson season.

Patrick Newell. Rotund actor who played Steed and Tara's superior, Mother, in the final season of the original series. See his bio for more info.

Sydney Newman. Director of Drama for the Associated British Corporation. Thanks to Howard Thomas' suggestion, he was inspired to create a bold new television program formula: a mix of tongue-in-cheek humor and espionage thrills. Together with Leonard White, co-producer of Police Surgeon, they reworked the ailing show to fit its popular star, Ian Hendry, into the new formula. Then he added Patrick Macnee and stirred anti-clockwise. The result: The Avengers. See his bio for more information.

Diana Rigg. Needs no introduction. Almost didn't return for the color season, until the producers agreed to up her meager salary. See her bio for more info.

Rudolph Roffi. French TV and film producer who initially backed The New Avengers.

Jon Rollason. Played Steed's partner, Dr. Martin King, a direct replacement for Ian Hendry, in only three second-season episodes. See his bio for more info.

Elizabeth Shepherd. Played Emma Peel in one and  a half episodes (which were not completed or aired) before being replaced by Diana Rigg. See her bio for more info.

Dennis Spooner. Writer of a dozen scripts for the original series and major collaborator on The New Avengers, involved in writing all but three episodes. See his bio for more info.

Frederick Starke. Fashion designer for Honor Blackman, third season.

Julie Stevens. Played Venus Smith, one of Steed's two female partners for the second season, alternating with Cathy Gale. Left the show after one season to have a baby. See her bio for more info.

Howard Thomas. Managing Director of the Associated British Corporation. He was the catalyst that brought about the birth of The Avengers when, in 1960, he suggested to Sydney Newman, Director of Drama, that ABC's dramatic lineup might be better balanced with the addition of lighter fare, such as a thriller. He also selected Julian Wintle to produce the filmed episodes.

Linda Thorson. Played Tara King in the last season of the original series. See her bio for more info.

Dodo Watts. Casting Director for the series who spotted Diana Rigg in an Armchair Theater program and brought her to the attention of the producers.

Julian Wintle. British film producer responsible for the Diana Rigg monochrome season. He brought together a production team that included Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens, and made The Avengers an international hit. Producer for the Rigg monochrome season and Executive Producer for the Rigg color season, he was named as Consultant to the Series for the Thorson season. See his bio for more information.

Leonard White. The co-producer of Police Surgeon teamed up with Sydney Newman, ABC's Director of Drama, to rework the show into a new formula that would become The Avengers. He created a series of directives that initially shaped the show. Producer for about half of the first season, White left to work on ABC's Armchair Theatre (a series that once featured Diana Rigg as guest star).

Michael Whittaker. Fashion designer responsible for Honor Blackman's leather clothing.


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