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Alan MacNaughtan

Brandon, The Town of No Return
Gilpin, Who Was That Man I Saw You With?

by Pete Stampede

Born 4 March 1920 in Bearsden, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, Alan MacNaughtan will no doubt be recalled rising out of the sea in a giant plastic bag at the start of "The Town of No Return," and was later a Man from the Ministry in "Who Was That Man I Saw You With?". An experienced Old Vic, West End and Broadway actor, and offstage a friend of that fine actor Alec McCowen, he might also be remembered as an acerbic, elderly teacher in the school-set serial To Serve Them All My Days (BBC, 1981). In films, he was Dirk Bogarde's disapproving brother-in-law in the then controversial Victim (1961). Some of his other TV guest roles had Avengers connections: The Baron, "The Maze" (ATV/ITC, 1966), in which he was chief bad guy, was written by Brian Clemens and largely re-used as "Take-Over"; Department S, "Who Plays the Dummy?" (ATV/ITC, 1969) had, as a sharp-eyed TAF visitor pointed out, recycled footage from "Mission... Highly Improbable," and The Professionals, "A Stirring of Dust" (LWT/Avengers Mark 1, 1978), again for Clemens and Albert Fennell, had more than a few Avengers faces guesting (Andre Morell, Robert Urquhart, George Murcell). MacNaughtan was also in probably my favourite episode of The Saint, "Legacy for The Saint" (ATV/ITC, 1968) as a dodgy lawyer called Charlie Lewis, factotum to a (supposedly) retired villain. He died of cancer on 29 August 2002, aged 82.

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