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Patricia Haines

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by Pete Stampede

Not many people know that Patricia Haines was Michael Caine's first wife, during his years of struggle through bit parts and touring rep productions in the 50's. They parted before he attained superstardom, and most of her career was in TV guest roles, especially in ITC's filmed series. Examples include The Baron, "Epitaph for a Hero" (1966), The Saint, "The World Beater" (1969, the last episode ever in some Saint running orders) and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), "Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave" (1970). She also turned up as a bitchy, fur-clad inmate in Within These Walls, a popular 70's women's prison series. Guest spots on the lighter side included Steptoe and Son, "Is That Your Horse Outside?" (1965) as a wealthy housewife with an eye for rag-and-bone men, and Up Pompeii!, "Jamus Bondus" (1970), as Pussus Galoria (yes, really!). In his autobiography What's It All About?, Caine blamed himself completely for the marriage break-up, stating he was too immature; he also gave a vivid account of being arrested for non-payment of child maintenance, when still broke, and Haines turning up in court expensively dressed, by contrast. He then added that, "I never saw Pat again. I am sorry to say that she died of cancer in 1977."

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