Where's Nanny Brown?

Where's Nanny Brown?

Penelope Keith (top image, from an unbilled appearance in "The Murder Market") receives credit as Nanny Brown, but does not appear to receive screen time.

The very first glimpse we get of the nannies establishes there are eight of them, and all eight are presented here, with varying degrees of clarity. So far, the only one I have been able to positively identify is Louie Ramsay playing Nanny Smith (bottom left), who is also the only "speaking nanny."

In spite of all the helpful suggestions I've been receiving from fans to check such-and-such a scene and look for the tall one or the one with her hair pulled back or the one who is smiling, I remain unconvinced that Penelope is amongst them. Some insist that the "winking nanny" (top left) is her, but I think it's pretty clear comparing the images that it's not.

In all likelihood, Penelope was filmed in a brief speaking part, and wound up on the cutting room floor. Indeed, one visitor whose grandmother was friends with Penelope has suggested that this was the case. (This is also apparently what happened to Nicole Shelby in "Mission... Highly Improbable" and David Lodge in "Fog.")

While this is not "case closed," I think it comes as close as practical for the present.

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