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The Morning After
by Mikie5o

Dry, dry, dry, as in without humor. Boring as in going nowhere. An interesting plot but with no character development. Sorry to say but the worst I've seen so far. In a show known for its visuals, who was watching the takes? The tower crane seen in the background changes positions during the show. Seems evacuation did not include new construction.

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The Morning After
by Frankymole, Bristol, UK

A brief review for this rather sketchy episode. But sketches can often harbour hints of greatness. So what do we have?

Plus points:

+ Peter Barkworth gives an enchanting performance as the cowardly conjuror-turned-traitor Merlin. Great fun.
+ Brian Blessed in an early "shouty" role.
+ Joss Ackland — wasted, but still convincingly evil.
+ Great location filming (NB at no time is the town referred to as London — in fact, it is called a town rather than a city. The provincial buildings, and the fact the entire population is shown to have fled by minor roads, imply it is a small town not a city of 6 million people).

Minus points:

- The plot makes no sense. Surely the diabolical masterminds could devise a less blatant of installing a nuclear device for blackmail purposes than having fake troops stomping around rounding up journalists and shooting looters? And why install it in an old embassy?
- Very little Tara (must be a Linda-vacation week). Okay so she is not everyone's cup of tea, but the way she gets knocked out every time Steed finds her is a little obvious, and Steed needs someone to be witty to.

I was always curious to see this episode in full, having missed most of it on re-screenings and only vaguely remembering it (perhaps the true test of longevity). Since Peter Barkworth made it all worthwhile with his cheeky super-criminal arch-foe of Steed, and I enjoyed the build-up of the "where is everyone?" suspense (this episode's central "hook"), I will give it 3 out of 4 bowlers. Not classic Avengers, but classy television.

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